Mission and Vision


Develop in students a series of skills in order to perform successfully in their personal and social lives, through an integral, multicultural education based on universal values. These refer to:

  • Considering each student as unique with specific needs related to the dimensions that characterize the human being.
  • Promoting the establishment of positive and respectful relationships with people of different nationalities, cultures and beliefs, communicating in different languages such as English, Spanish and German.
  • Being an example of responsibility, respect, perseverance, honesty, generosity and loyalty in all actions that are undertaken in and outside the institution.


To be recognized at a regional and international level as a basic education institution of academic excellence whose graduates are integral, competitive, proactive persons oriented towards the achievement of personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of their surroundings.

Why choose CASP?

CASP provides some unique characteristics:
  1. Competency-based education model
  2. Search of an integral development (academics, values, fine arts & sports)
  3. Multicultural focus (German as a third language since preschool)
  4. Performance based on universal values
  5. Personalized educational attention
  6. Preparation for entrepreneurship
  7. Family integration