Our Values

CASP is a non-denominational school, however it promotes and emphasizes the institutional values listed below:







These values are present in everyday activities within a stimulating environment, striving for committed citizens and peace makers.

Our Philosophy

  1. Academic Challenge: CASP seeks to offer students a challenging environment based on realistic goals so that they receive an interesting and meaningful learning. Through this kind of learning they will be able to understand how the world around them is shaped.
  2. Balanced Curriculum: CASP seeks to promote an integral education by offering a balanced curriculum between study hours, sports and arts to promote an INTEGRAL education.
  3. Empathic Community: At CASP, we are committed to maintaining a friendly, stable, understanding and supportive environment for our students, teachers and collaborators.
  4. Student is first policy: Recognizing our responsibility to prepare students to have a successful academic future and life, we have a student-centered organization, policies and programs so we can fulfill all their needs.
  5. Teachers are the key to success: To achieve our objectives we require a teaching staff with broad teaching and emotional resources. That is why we nourish them with constant training and development.
  6. Inspired Leadership: We know that inspired students are motivated students. That is why teachers and administration work in conjunction to inspire leadership in each CASP student.
  7. Administration with a purpose: At CASP, we have a judicious administration, with organized, well-coordinated and structured practices that will create a strong frame of reference to meet the academic and social objectives.
  8. Continuous improvement: To promote an evolutive environment of academic excellence and personal growth, at CASP we seek to have the state of the art technology and innovative tools for our students.