Learning ideas for infants or toddlers
October 4, 2021

Por: Jonathan Hdz

There are several activities for you to do with your kids,to have fun together and get them developing speaking and listening skills. These ideas are great fun.

1. Read books together

Those books can be with many images, colors and whatever your child likes.

2. Sing counting songs

With this your children will develop language skills, speaking skills and numeric skills. 

3. Cut and paste

A great way to develop coordination, control and build strength. Many children find scissors tricky to master so they need lots of practice and help from their parents.

4. Dressing up

Dressing up and role play are great opportunities for talking and listening and for imaginative play. On a practical level, a fun dressing up session can help your child to practise getting themselves dressed.

5. Cook together

Cooking with your child is not only fun but it’s an excellent way to begin to talk about maths – counting eggs for a cake recipe, more or fewer toppings for a pizza. Let them pour liquids or spoon flour to develop eye-hand coordination and control.

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