Cultivating Social Skills in Preschool
March 22, 2024

At CASP, we understand the importance of helping our youngest learners develop social skills, especially as they begin their journey in learning English. Let’s explore some tailored strategies to encourage effective communication and empathy in both languages.

Creating Welcoming Spaces: In our school, we prioritize creating warm and welcoming environments where every child feels included. By encouraging interactions in both English and Spanish, we help our students feel comfortable expressing themselves and understanding others.

Introducing English through Play: We recognize that play is an essential part of early childhood development. Through interactive games, songs, and simple activities in English, we introduce our students to the language in a fun and engaging way, allowing them to naturally absorb new vocabulary and phrases.

Building Language Confidence: We provide plenty of opportunities for our students to practice speaking English in a supportive setting. By praising their efforts and providing gentle guidance, we help boost their confidence in using the language, fostering effective communication skills.

Celebrating Language Progress: We celebrate every milestone our students achieve in their English language learning journey. Whether it’s successfully using a new word or participating in a simple conversation, we acknowledge and encourage their progress, motivating them to continue expanding their language skills.

Encouraging Empathy and Understanding: Through stories, role-playing, and group activities, we promote empathy and understanding among our students. By exploring themes of kindness, cooperation, and friendship in both English and Spanish, we foster a sense of empathy and respect for others’ perspectives.

In conclusion, by creating welcoming spaces, introducing English through play, building language confidence, celebrating language progress, and encouraging empathy and understanding, Colegio Alfonsino de San Pedro supports our early English success in a bilingual environment.