Studying habits
October 7, 2022

By: Karla Hernández

Study habits are a group of routines that students must use to continue the teaching-learning process at home.

It is important that study habits are established from an early age; so it is up to the parents to create the study environment that in the future each student will automatically continue to adopt.

Amongst the main habits to establish by the students are:

  1. Schedule: It is important to establish the schedule in which the student will study or do homework in the afternoons. There has to be a perfect balance between the afternoon activities and the time to make space to do homework, as if it is too late, the students will be tired and the performance can be affected. This schedule depends on the family dynamics.
  2. Establish a suitable space: One of the most important aspects to consider in every activity we perform is the ambience and space. The space for studying has to be suitable to favor concentration; it has to have good lighting, smooth walls, far away from TV, games and toys, excellent ventilation, amongst others.
  3. Order: It is important to have the workplace in order. Always keep the materials within reach and in their specific place. 
  4. Posture: It is recommended to have a special chair to maintain good posture. The main objective is to have the back up straight as it will help the student focus.
  5.  Distractors: When doing homework it is important to avoid devices that are not necessary. Some of the distractors can be: watches, stuffed animals, even pens and color pencils. Nowadays the main distractor can be anything that is electronic, so keep in mind to place them in a different room.
  6. Identify the best study technique: There are many techniques that can help the student be more efficient. For example: underlining, making tables or concept maps, recopying, reading out loud, making mini quizzes, etc.
  7. Rest: For the brain to do its job correctly, it is important to sleep properly and make mini breaks when the student feels saturated.

We’re confident that if your kids develop the habits outlined above, you’ll see a major improvement in their academic success!



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